December 9, 2014


OFFICERS PRESENT: Bob Stoeckel, Scott Kesti, Julie Stoeckel and Kim Archer

MEMBERS PRESENT: Sherri Logan, Alicia Burgers, Su Ugstad, Cheri, Elizebeth & Lindsey Frick, Pat O’Neil, Brynn Winger, Walt & Carol Scollard, Dennis & Nancy Stefan, Howard Prushek and Shane Dugan 

§  Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm by President, Bob Stoeckel

§  Additions and approval of agenda

1.      New Business:  Flag Committee

§  Motion to accept agenda

M/S/P            P O’Neil/W Scollard/Passed

§  Meeting minutes from the last meeting were looked over

§  Motion to accept minutes

M/S/P            J Stoeckel/W Scollard/Passed


§  Julie submitted the financial report

§  Motion to accept the Financial Report

M/S/P            P O’Neil/S Dugan/Passed


§  Santa will be at the Library on Saturday, December 13

o   He will read a story @ Story Time

§  The Ladies decorated inside the Depot – looks great – Thank you all very, very much!

§  Check the heat – Nancy thought it was cooler than 67


§  2015 Dues:  We will be sending out another letter to those who have not paid yet

§  Turkey Bingo update:  Raised $178.50 this year

o   Thank You to Bonnie, Dan and those who came, played bingo, donated or bought baked goods! THANK YOU!

§  Santa – Saturday December 13 at the Library – posters around town and ad in the paper

§  Fish House Raffle:  PLEASE SELL YOUR TICKETS!!  Drawing is on the 19th PLEASE have them out for the Christmas Crawl

§  Vacation Raffle:  Has been tabled for now – not enough traffic to sell enough tickets

§  Christmas Crawl Update:

o   Su will post the list on Facebook and the website

o   Ad in the Pine Cone

o   Ad on Craigslist

o   Ballot bags are out and you vote for your favorite decorated business on the 18th

o   Bake sale at the bank raising money for the Chamber – your donations and purchases are appreciated!

§  Dog Sled Update:

o   Saturday February 14

o   No snow – Festival of the Falling Snowflakes will still go on

o   Need volunteers – see Bob

o   Need Chili contestants

o   Scott will see if Marty wants to have a Valentines Dance that night

§  Shane:  Jennifer Welk is going to set up a meeting so that they can all meet at one time and discuss getting some help from the school students at Chamber/Lions events

§  Harvest Festival Update:

o   Brynn Winger has joined the Chamber and will be the Chair Person, Kathy Bullock, Pat O’Neil and Carol Scollard will help out – more help is always needed!

o   First Meeting will be January 13th – right after the Chamber meeting – please come and help make 2015 a successful Harvest Festival

§  Motion to accept Old Business:

M/S/P            J Stoeckel/P O’Neil/Passed


§  Re-joining the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce:

o   The cost is $260 for a year

There was a discussion about what we get for our $260

§  Motion to vote to not re-join the Grand Rapids Chamber

M/S/P      B Stoeckel/P O’Neil/Passed

o   Checking on joining the Longville Chamber

§  Caboose Update:

o   Pete G is ˝ done with the painting of the inside of the caboose

o   Lockers, furniture, etc. will be in by May

o   Pete G will finish by Harvest Festival

o   Planning on a Grand Opening at Harvest Festival

o   Pat will check on somebody (Jason Davis) to come and do a story on Remer/Caboose

§  Bob and Howard met and talked about taking $1,000 out of the endowment fund (which is all we can take in one year) the paperwork has to be filed by January

§  Motion to take $1,000 out of the Endowment fund to help pay for the finishing of the caboose

M/S/P      P O’Neil/D Stefan/Passed

§  Flag Committee Update:

o   Pat feels that more people are needed on the committee

o   There are currently 5 people on that committee

§  Pat O’Neil for the Chamber, Walt Scollard for the Lions, Carol Scollard for the Garden Club, Nancy Stefan for the Library and Lisa Blundell for the City

o   The City decided to put wreaths up on the light poles for the Holidays

o   Milo Stefan donated a small tree for every barrel in town – Thank You Milo

o   They are all in and businesses are decorating their tree

§  Motion to Adjourn:

M/S/P            S Dugan/J Stoeckel/Passed



JANUARY 13TH, 2015

At The Depot


Submitted by:

Kim Archer

Chamber Secretary