April 12, 2016


OFFICERS PRESENT: Scott Kesti, Alicia Burgers and Kim Archer

MEMBERS PRESENT: Walt & Carol Scollard, Jodi Archer, Sheri Logan, Bob Stoeckel, Anthony Collins & Blaine R

§  Meeting called to order at 5:00 pm by President, Scott Kesti

§  Additions and approval of agenda

1.      Add Fall Has it all Fund Raiser

§  Motion to accept agenda

M/S/P             S Logan/B Stoeckel/Passed

§  Meeting minutes from the last meeting were looked over

1.      Correction: only the proceeds from the auctioning off the scarecrow cutouts will go to the Howard Prushek Scholarship

§  Motion to accept minutes

M/S/P             B Stoeckel/S Logan/Passed


§  Alicia submitted the financial report

§  Motion to accept the Financial Report

M/S/P             S Logan/B Stoeckel/Passed


§  Sherri Logan submitted the Library report:

o   June 18th is an Open House – serving coffee, lemonade and bars – book sale

o   Open house and serve hot dogs on kids day during Fall Has It All also

§  Motion to accept Library Report

M/S/P             A Burgers/J Archer/Passed


§  Bigfoot Update:

o   Lakeland TV was here and they did a segment on the news

o   There were 200 people at the school

o   Made $960 on the lunch

o   Sold 90 t-shirts

o   Had lots of volunteers – THANKS

o   Lots of reports of people having fun and some found it stupid

o   Meat Raffle sold 1200 tickets

o   There were some issues with the scavenger hunt

o   Should have advertised Harvest Festival and Bluegrass Festival

o   Do it again next year

o   Another event in July

§  Hikes and an ATV Club sponsored ride

§  5 K run

§  Meat Raffle

§  Music at the Pub & Soo line

§  Animal Planet is filming an episode in Remer on finding Bigfoot

§  Direct Mail Ad Update:

o   Need peoples ad and $50

o   It will be on the front and back

§  Fall Has It All Update:

o   Meeting tomorrow at 5 pm

o   Soo Line will not be able to do the Art Barn

o   Saturday 9/17:

§  Antique appraisal

§  Library open house

§  Decorate cut out scarecrows to auction off at Fall Fest

§  Kids Day with a Box Car Derby and Doll Fashion show

§  Possibly have Football players and cheerleaders

§  Still need to build a track and find runners

§  Business could build and sponsor a car for kids that can’t

§  $20 to $25 to sponsor a car

§  $3 for them to race

§  Stars are us Karaoke – 3 to 4 kids karaoke and from 4 to 6 adults at the Depot

o   Bluegrass 9/24 & 9/25

o   Saturday October 1 – Fall Fest at the Depot from 9 to noon

§  Pumpkin painting

§  Bake Sale and Pie Auction

§  Auction off the cut out scarecrows the kids made

o   Fundraising Ideas:

§  50/50 raffle

§  Sell popcorn: many flavors & sizes – sell at events during Fall Has It All Events

o   Sherri Logan is checking if the Chamber can purchase the popcorn outright

§  Harvest Festival Update:

§  Raffle:  Money - $2000, 1,000 and (2) $500

o   Start selling ASAP – have somebody selling weekly at the meat raffles

§  Parade Grand Marshals: Diane Ammerman, Lynn Schneider and Paul Swentkofske

§  Business of the year: Honor all our volunteers at the Ambulance and Fire Department

o   Flea Market starts Thursday night through Saturday

o   Friday night starts at 5 pm

o   Food Vendors: the Lions, Robin Lucas and more

o   Beer Wagon

o   Games - Carol O’Brien wants to do a bean bag toss

o   Garden club selling flowers

o   Jodi Archer doing fair hair

o   Face painting

o   Lip sync program

o   Buzzards

o   Fireworks

o   Saturday Morning starts with pancake breakfast and Bloody Mary’s

o   5 K run

o   Bingo

o   Arts and Crafts

o   Check with the Power Company Grant $1,500 to $2,000 for fireworks

o   The Lions will help with gambling

§  Bigfoot Bluegrass Festival Update: 2 day event – Friday/Saturday September 24 & 25

o   $25 per ticket

o   Advertise on Facebook

o   Sell tickets and T-shirts on line

o   Working on line up posters

o   Like us on Facebook

o   Camping?

o   Vendors:  The Lions, Robin Lucas and more

o   Port-a-potties

§  Caboose Update:

o   American Eagle has not finished up the locking system, it has been to cold

o   Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday for now

§  Still have to install the furnace

§  Paint the outside – this year or next year

§  At some point run electricity to the Caboose

§  Talk to LCP about a grant for the electrical work

§  Fundraise to paint the Eagle

§  Motion to accept Old Business:

M/S/P             S Kesti/W Scollard/Passed


§  City wide rummage sale:  Memorial Day Weekend

o   The First National Bank in Remer will be heading that up

§  Spring Cleanup/Summer Mowing/Plant care at the Depot:

o   Luke and Sara are willing to keep up with the mowing and weeding – THANK YOU!

§  Flag Committee:

o   Planters are ordered

o   Garden Club/Chamber split the cost of flowers for the planters as well as the park and both signs

o   New flags with the “Four Seasons of Fun” Logo

§  June is the City Wide Garbage pickup

§  Motion to Adjourn:

M/S/P             B Stoeckel/S Logan /Passed



Tuesday, May 10th

At The Depot


Submitted by:

Kim Archer

Chamber Secretary