May 10, 2016


OFFICERS PRESENT: Scott Kesti, Shane Dugan, Alicia Burgers and Kim Archer

MEMBERS PRESENT: Dan Russell, Sherri Logan, Bob Stoeckel, Walt & Carol Scollard, Su Ugstad, Kaara Nilsson, Blaine Raushel, Anthony Collins and Mark Ruyak

GUESTS:  Sandy Layman

§  Meeting called to order at 5:00 pm by President, Scott Kesti

§  Additions and approval of agenda: New Business #6 – Savannah Pallets

§  Motion to accept agenda

M/S/P                S Logan/D Russell/Passed

§  Meeting minutes from the last meeting were looked over

§  Motion to accept minutes as amended

M/S/P                S Ugstad/W Scollard/Passed


§  Alicia submitted the financial report

§  Motion to accept the Financial Report

M/S/P                S Ugstad/S Logan/Passed


§  No one from the Library was present


1.      Bigfoot Update:

a.     Animal Planet will film a segment of “Finding Bigfoot” in Remer on July 7th

b.     There will be a town hall meeting with Animal Planet

c.     Press release to be emailed to Chamber members

d.     July 9th – Festivities in Remer include:

                                      i.     Start selling raffle tickets for the Yeti cooler to be drawn at the Blues Fest

                                    ii.     Breakfast in Remer

                                   iii.     5K race on a certified course  9:30 am

                                   iv.     Lunch @ the Firehall  11 to n00n

                                     v.     Scavenger hunts – kids and adults

                                   vi.     3 on 3 basketball tournaments

                                  vii.     BBQ contest at the school parking lot 3 to 6 – Scavenger hunt winners announced

                                viii.     Meat raffle at the Muni  6 pm

                                   ix.     Big foot calling contest 10 pm

                                     x.     Live music at the Soo Line and the Pub

e.     There are now sweatshirts and coffee mugs available

f.      Ice Cube is selling Silver Maple Leaf Coins with Bigfoot

2.     Mailer Update:

a.     Kaara going around with the proof – please have your money ready

b.     Going out May 23 for Memorial Day weekend

3.     Fall Has It All Update:

a.     Kids Day Derby

4.     Harvest Festival Update:

a.     Theme – Creatures of the Forest!

5.     Bluegrass Festival Update:

a.     Tickets go on sale June 1st

                                      i.     $25 for both days available online and from a Chamber member

b.     Three bands have committed for sure – hoping for 6 to 8

6.     Caboose Update:

a.     Automatic locks are working – Big Thank You to American Eagle Security!

b.     Opens @ 6 am and Closes at 8 PM everyday

c.     Need signs – No smoking, No food or drinks

d.     Putting it on Facebook

7.     City Wide Rummage Sale Update:

a.     Ad was out today – Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend

b.     Sign up at the Bank – Maps will be available at the bank also

8.     Flag Committee Update:

a.     Order 6 flags with 4 Seasons of Fun and 6 flags with Bigfoot

b.     City of Remer is purchasing these and they should be in the first part of June

c.     City is also buying the planters for around town – Thank You!

9.     Public Restroom Signs Update:

a.     Bob is still working on connecting with the correct person

b.     Lions may help pay for the sign which should read:

                                      i.     Visitor Center, Library and Public Restrooms

c.     Restrooms are to be cleaned and stocked daily

§  Motion to accept Old Business:

M/S/P                W Scollard/S Ugstad/Passed


1.      Fundraising Ideas to paint the Eagle as a good will gesture

a.     Casey McKeig, Mason, will give us a quote on repairing the base

b.     Su suggested we take the time capsule out at that time and put in the case at the Depot

2.     Garden Clubs Annual Flower Sale:  Saturday June 4th at the Park

3.     Library Open House/Shop Local/Book and Bake Sale:  No one from the Library

4.     Family Picnic and Bingo with Bonnie:

a.     Saturday July 2nd at the Village Hall

b.     Volunteers are needed – Please contact Bob Stoeckel if you can help

5.     Furnace Repairs/Building Maintenance:

a.     Clayton says the furnace cannot be repaired the exhaust fan has disintegrated

b.     Applied for a grant to fix the furnace and gutters

c.     This fall we need to replace the ramp and decking on the front

                                      i.     Chamber purchase materials and the shop class could do the work for free

d.     There is mold upstairs

6.     Savannah Pallets:

a.     There was a fire in the yard last Saturday night

b.     Cameras have been installed

c.     Asking the neighbors to keep an eye out

d.     They will be putting up fencing for the back area

e.     There is potential for growth here in Remer

f.      Please help keep it safe

g.     They help with summer projects and helped with the Dog Sled Races – Thank You!

h.     The mill supplies wood for Veterans

i.      They sell chips and sawdust

j.      They employ 20 to 25 people

§  Motion to Adjourn:

M/S/P                D Russell/B Stoeckel /Passed



Tuesday, June 14th @ 5 pm:

At The Depot

Submitted by:

Kim Archer

Chamber Secretary